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Early June 2015 the female administrator of a French XF forum challenged fans to write an NC-17 XF fic on XF characters. Here's mine on Monica Reyes & John Doggett! 


Here's the review of a member of the XFU forum:

Two words Joss...


This was my first Reyes and Doggett romance/sex fanfic and let me tell you, it left me wanting more!! :-) 

I absolutely loved your detailed description about Reyes' appearance at the bar, I can imagine her in my head -very sexy and mysterious ;-) Especially with that tattoo!

I also love the way the sex wasn't shy or tame, it was hot and energetic, exactly as I imagine Reyes and Doggett's relationship.

Plus that ending! Please tell me you're going to write a sequel!!

Have you considered putting it on Or is that where you're putting it? It's just that it's a popular fanfic site where loads of people could read your story :-) 

Oh and your English was perfect, I understood it all and I couldn't find any mistakes. Good job ;-)

Categories: The X Files > Relationship, The X Files; Characters: Special Agent Monica Reyes; Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 1517; Read Count: 1; Completed: Yes
Updated: 30 Jul 2015; Published: 30 Jul 2015