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The X Files [140]

Fanfiction placed within the X-Files world.  Please choose an appropriate sub-category for your literary work.

2012 XFU Fanfic Contest Winners [4]

The winners of the 2012 XFU Fanfic Contest.

1. The Ultimate Fanfic: ""Pyrexia"
2. The Ultimate Character Representation: "Sins of the Father"
3. The Most Likely to be a Chris Carter Episode: "Waiting for a Miracle"
4. The Most Original Fic: "Triangle Part Deux"

2011 X Files Universe Fanfic Contest [3]

The winning stories are featured here!

X Files Fanfic Contest 2009 [9]

Contains the winning entries of The 2009 X Files Fanfic Contest

Fringe [1]
Other Fanfic (Not XF) [0]

Fanfic set in the world of other shows, such as Doctor Who fanfic, Castle fanfic, Star Trek fanfic, etc.


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Fanfics Updated

One of the admin uploaded many fanfics, but without author credit.  I have now fixed that as possible.

If you are now credited with a piece of fiction, please email me at 'xfilesuniverse at' with your email, and I will get the account set up properly.

Thank you


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