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The Event Series

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The Event Series

Postby syzygy620 » August 7th, 2016, 5:03 pm

Would love to get this forum started again, as we had some excellent posters and contributors while the revival series aired.

So since several months have passed since the series' return, what are everyone's overall feelings on it?

First off, I don't refer to it as Season 10. I don't consider it part of the original series, to be honest. It's The Event Series. It's a reboot, introducing a new conspiracy and some new characters. I consider, at this time, the series to have concluded with "I Want to Believe."


CC forgot too much of the series mythology. There's nothing wrong with incorporating new elements, putting in new twists and all. I doubt if he intended the damage he caused. There were numerous ways to take the mythology in new directions; ruining so much of the original mythology was a bad call.

His writing is off. M & S are not our M & S. If CC wanted them estranged, that's fine, it's not too surprising given what we saw in IWTB, but here it's pointless. M & S do not act estranged. He did it for no other reason than to add a new twist to the dynamic, which isn't what happened. So it was a bad decision and added nothing to what we see.

M & S wouldn't have just jumped back into the FBI. CC wasn't true to the passage of time. It's like he closed his eyes, spun a globe and let his finger fall on a random season of the series, plugging M & S back into work. It's unrealistic. In my opinion, the worst traits of CC as a writer were on full display with The Event Series.

That said, the episodes by Wong, Glen Morgan and Darin Morgan are solid episodes. I enjoyed elements of The Event Series, of course. It was great to see M & S back onscreen. CC's episodes were, for the most part, rather poor. "My Struggle II" was fast-paced and exciting at points, I'll give it that. Ending on that cliffhanger was a bit reckless, in my opinion, with no guarantee of more episodes.

Would love to hear others' opinions and get these forums restarted!!
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Re: The Event Series

Postby Andrew80 » August 23rd, 2016, 10:36 am

First of all, welcome to the forum!

Secondly, there was a big discussion about every episode of the revival. I suggest you check that out and post there. There is also an option to rate episodes.
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Re: The Event Series

Postby sheldipez » January 20th, 2017, 5:49 am

I don't have much to say about individual episodes (eatthecorn did a brilliant episode by episode breakdown over on his website) but the Revival was a massive disappointment and I prefer the Season 10 that Joe Harris did over for IDW Comics. The whole concept from the reasoning to get them back together was poorly concieved, the series was too short to tell the arc they tried to do, they tried too much to do classic monster of the week stuff, whilst swining wildy the other way into mythology episodes whilst missing much of what has happened in the past. Chris Carter said an off hand comment about the Season 10 comic book being constrained to trappings that comic books bring (paraphrasing here as it was years ago!) yet the way he brought CSM back was so daft; it was handled more super hero comic-booky than the CSM return in the actual comic book. My wife and I are big fans and she didn't even watch the final episode, which was another disappointing cliffhanger (not that any of the rest of the episode was any better).

As much it was nice seeing Duchovny and Anderson back together onscreen the writing team wasted any potential it had and I wish they never bothered.
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Re: The Event Series

Postby orodromeus » January 22nd, 2017, 11:48 am

sheldipez wrote:I don't have much to say about individual episodes (eatthecorn did a brilliant episode by episode breakdown over on his website) but the Revival was a massive disappointment and I prefer the Season 10 that Joe Harris did over for IDW Comics.

Thanks for that! And overall I agree as well that the story told by the Season 10/11 comics was better handled than in the series. The revival tried to do too many things at once *and* made some very poor decisions. Carter did not change his plans when they ended up making six episodes. With such a short order, it would have made more sense to tell a single mythology story, or at least have the story flow seamlessly from one episode to the other -- for example ending the first episode on a cliffhanger and have the reinstatement in the FBI and their first case be the focus of the second episode. Spread the seeds of the apocalyptic events of the finale over all episodes, instead of having this situation develop in an incredible 20 minutes. Etc, etc, etc.

As an aside, the comics continued after the revival in a new format. I like them less than the S10/11 ones -- here's a review: http://www.eatthecorn.com/2017/01/21/xf-comics-update-1-9-review/
EatTheCorn.com: XF mythology - analysis - 1013 interviews - S10 news
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Re: The Event Series

Postby syzygy620 » February 3rd, 2017, 8:08 pm

And it's just so frustrating... after eight years, and plenty of time from the time FOX greenlit the series to when production started, THIS was the best CC came up with?

You have the three non-CC episodes as pretty strong entries. But I rank the 3 CC episodes in the bottom 30 episodes of the ENTIRE series. I mean, it was awful.

If we ever get another go-around, I sincerely hope they course-correct from the "finale" and bring Frank Spotnitz back. He's our only hope for the mythology.
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Re: The Event Series

Postby TruthIsOutThere » April 26th, 2017, 5:38 pm

I agree with much of what's been said here. While The X-Files is still my overall favorite franchise, CC more or less ruined the best part for me (the Mythology). Overall I enjoyed S10, but I hated the direction he took with the Mytharc (undoing and contradicting most of what had been established over so many years of the series).

So it was fun to see Mulder & Scully again (and Skinner), but having them quickly and easily reinstated into the FBI was a bit ridiculous. And the whole thing felt like CC was just trying to put things back to the way they were in the 90s, even though he excitedly used new technology (drones! CRISPR-9!).

In a perfect world (for me), CC would bring back Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan (yes, I know it's not likely VG could return, even if asked) and they would show that the whole "it was really men the whole time" bit could be shown to be some elaborate red herring!
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