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New fan reaching out

PostPosted: August 9th, 2016, 1:58 am
by xfilesx87
Hello. I'm a new fan to the show, surprisingly I wasn't aware of the new season until after I started watching the show on Netflix a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked. I was only 6 when the series started and never really gave it a chance until now. I'm half way through season 3 and also re watching season 1 on blu ray to watch special features and commentary. I'm new to this site as well. I'm trying to find local X-Files fans near me because apparently everyone I know doesn't care about the show. Is there a section on here to find local groups by city? I've tried searching on Facebook but no luck. I just want to find and make friends that I can watch episodes with and go to X-Files events if any ever pop up in or near my area. That's my story. Love the site and seeing a lot of friendly people talking about what is becoming my favorite show.

Re: New fan reaching out

PostPosted: August 11th, 2016, 3:24 pm
by syzygy620
Welcome! The forums are a bit slow lately. If you're looking for a pretty active XF forum, I'm over on Haven. You can create an account and there's a core group of us on there pretty much daily :) PM me if you'd like a link!

As far as finding fans by city, I'm not aware of anything like that! But feel free to comment around here and reach out and we need to keep the fandom alive!