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Site Issues: Before logging a complaint or alerting us.

Site Issues: Before logging a complaint or alerting us.

Postby Killashandra » July 14th, 2011, 4:33 am

Server down times.
These happen when the servers are being backed up, or when we are running updates. This will cause the site to throw you out, result in error messages, and will not accept posts even if still online.

We have three different backup levels, and 100 000+ files and images to backup.

Daily backups. (Does only daily changes)
These usually run at 11pm Central, so that will affect users between 10-12 pm, depending on where you are located in the states. Internationally you would need to calculate but it works out to between 7-9am on CAT time.
Down/error time may be approx 10 min.

Weekly backups. (Does only weekly changes)
These usually run on Tuesdays, and varies between 10pm–2 am.
No earlier, I would think most people would be thinking of going to bed at that time.
For those on the other side of the world it would be Wednesday between 7-11am CAT.
Down/error messages, these can last for up to an hour.

Monthly backups. (Full backup)
These happen on the first Saturday of each month (when most people are out partying.) also between 10pm and 2am, CAT Sunday between 7-11am.
And usually results in downtime and server not available messages.

Maurisap Backups (A download copy)… When she gets a chance, that’s her schedule, so keep that in mind.

Small updates and code changes are done as needed, with no downtime.
Medium updates, adding of images or smilies and such, are usually done after daily or weekly backups, and may cause downtime, never more than 5-10 min.
Large updates come with warnings, usually 3-5 days prior. They are scheduled for between 12-2am Central time, but may take longer depending on size. These are either done after a daily or monthly backup. Usually Saturdays or Sundays.

Slow uploading,
The content of the topic you select will govern the speed at which it downloads. We have increased the post count to 40 per page, lessening the amount of page changes you need to do, but it increased the download time. This along with images and other features, as well as your internet connection and server load, will affect download times. We are working on features to lessen these, especially on the image heavy treads.

These are the only maintenance related issues that will result in server errors. Please check the times you receive your error message and compare. Should your error be outside of these times, then feel free to pm me your message and I will see to it.
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