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Missing Topic?

Missing Topic?

Postby maurisap » January 3rd, 2016, 2:27 am

First, do a search (Top of forum). If you can't find it there, the topic may really be gone.

Explanation: topics may become "untimely" such as comic cons that are past and no discussion is happening, holiday greetings, or it's something that someone posted and 6 months later no one has replied to it.

It happens.

In an effort to foster ease of use in the forums and decrease "clutter", I move those to a "dead thread" box. Things are seldom deleted from the site. When I do delete something, it's because it violates what is approved here at XFU (guidelines are posted) or violates a request I made to a member.

We are monitored (I got a warning not long ago that a fanfic breached the PG13 status, so I had to move it when the author wouldn't move after our repeated requests). And while I am pretty liberal in allowing whatever people want to post, I can't tolerate certain things, such as hate/trolling posts, or bashing posts. Hate/trolling posts seldom happen at XFU, fortunately. Bashing happens...IDK why. But, bashing another site in our forums will result in a delete, or constantly referring to another site as better than XFU will result in a delete.

See our guidelines section for more information.

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