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Member Expectations for Posting: Please Read

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Member Expectations for Posting: Please Read

Postby maurisap » January 4th, 2011, 8:43 pm

XFU members can expect to be a valued part of a friendly community of people who share the same interest in Xfiles. Members can expect to have XFU continue as a stable website.

Friendly discussion is expected; however, it is acknowledged that members will naturally have opposing viewpoints. Heated debate over controversial subjects may occur. When such debate takes place, members will confine debate to the topic and refrain from personal attacks. Members with opposing viewpoints must understand that each user is entitled to his or her opinion and must respect differing opinions. Healthy debate is welcome; but personal attacks and derogatory remarks are not. Members who show disrespect for fellow users shall be warned; continued disrespect may result in temporarily suspension, and/or banned for misconduct by the forum moderators. Inappropriate posts will be edited. Appeal of such action can be made to the Site Administrator.
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