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Parallels to "Deep Throat"

Parallels to "Deep Throat"

Postby syzygy620 » April 11th, 2016, 9:18 pm

I just re-watched Season 1, Episode 2, "Deep Throat." It really struck me, the fact there are so many parallels between "My Struggle I/II" and this very early but pivotal episode. If this is the direction the revival seems to be headed, then "Deep Throat" is really a fantastic lead-in to "My Struggle."

Aside from the fact that both "Deep Throat" and "My Struggle" introduce government informants to Mulder, there are many allusions to the fact that the U.S. government is hiding and to some extent using alien technology.

Mulder stands beneath a UFO illuminated in its beam in "Deep Throat," just as Scully is entranced by the beam from the ship at the end of "My Struggle II."

Mulder is wheeled on a gurney through the air force base in "Deep Throat" and sees the outline of a craft similar to the scene where he sees the ARV in "My Struggle."

Mulder is then strapped down and injected with something that erases his memory, as the flashbacks in "My Struggle" and Sveta's memories reference these operations and "false memories."

I wanted to rewatch an early mythology episode in the light of what "My Struggle" introduced, and I have to say that in this instance it's not much of a leap. I wonder if these allusions are at all deliberate, or if CC realizes he did this :day
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Re: Parallels to "Deep Throat"

Postby orodromeus » April 24th, 2016, 4:36 am

It is very similar, isn't it? And Deep Throat is the second episode too, as if Carter wanted to go back to the source of the show, back to what was the success of the series originally. Unfortunately for him, after Deep Throat there have been another 200 episodes and the story told in them doesn't jive that well with My Struggle II in particular (I'm thinking of the role of the CSM) -- but we will see if there's a season 11.

I think it was partly on purpose, going back to the roots of the show and finding that season 1 atmosphere again -- with a generic alien/government conspiracy instead of the specific Syndicate that was developed later, and with mythology elements appearing in stand-alones too (in Founder's Mutation, like in Ghost in the Machine or Young at Heart).
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