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Scully is kidnapped and Mulder tries to piece together where Duane Barry may have taken her.


Postby SpecialAgent88 » September 22nd, 2010, 5:11 pm

This is another very good episode and starts with Mulder being completely devastated by the abduction of Scully. Mulder’s mind is working in full blown criminal profiler mode now as he is now focused and his senses are fully intensified to find Scully’s abductor.

Mulder finally gets a lead from a police video that Scully is alive and headed for Sky Mountain. When Mulder and Krycek arrive at the Sky Mountain tram; Mulder demands that the tram operator allow him to take the tram up the mountain. I think Krycek is surprised at Mulder’s no holding back and continue at all costs mentality. I mean when the tram stops halfway, and Mulder climbs to the top of the tram, what’s he going to do, scale the high wire to reach Scully. Let me tell you that Mulder is one driven guy when it comes to Scully.

If anyone was unsure what Scully meant to Mulder, then all we would have to do is watch his determination to get to the top of that mountain to save Scully. It shows how intense Mulder gets when it comes to Scully and his never give up attitude. However, when he finally reaches the top of the mountain it’s too late and Scully is gone.

Mulder then attacks Duane Barry because he feels that Barry has hurt Scully, Mulder strangles Barry who later dies. This episode is so good because it shows how determined and to what capacity Mulder will go to find and save Scully and his no limit attitude to save someone close to him. Excellent second episode of this perfect two parter.
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Re: Thoughts

Postby txf21 » October 14th, 2011, 6:02 am

Just caught the last 15 minutes of this ep on Sky and I had forgotten how rough poor Mulder looks as he searches for Scully!! This ep just reminded me of the darkness and tension that X-files could bring, especially in the earlier series. Makes me want to get my box-sets out asap!!
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